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Today’s health care is mostly disease care. There is no profit in good health. Currently the only one who profits from good health is the individual who is in good health. The medical profession, drug companies and insurance companies profit financially only from disease. The government does not profit from health. If universal health care was paid for by the government, then there would be more incentive to decrease disease. Hopefully enough incentive to get the EPA and FDA, who are currently allowing Americans to be poisoned, to really do their jobs.

True health care is prevention. Prevention is the least costly in every respect. When the Yemenite Jews were flown from their primitive natural culture to Israel in 1948 through 1950, their rates of heart disease, cancer and diabetes were about 1/30th of what they are today. Therein lies many answers.

The heart of the health care problem is the unnecessary causation of disease. A huge percentage of disease and disability is preventable. It is being caused by toxic chemicals delivered into the bodies of humans through food, air, water, drugs and by application to the skin. This unnecessary harm can be monitored by measuring body burden. Some of the main culprits are: mercury in fillings and injectables; pesticides in food, water and air; formaldehyde in plywood, particle board, clothing, bedding and most furniture; hormone mimicking (estrogenic) plasticizers in dental materials, can linings, water bottles, foods, sunscreens and cosmetic preservatives; and neurotoxic compounds allowed to be added to food such as aspartame and sulfites. Some of this makes the tobacco companies look like angels.

The EPA and often the FDA are not doing their jobs, that is, to protect the environment and human biology. If these agencies were reorganized so as to be effective, the disease rate could be cut in half. This is because approximately one-half of cancer and autoimmune disease is caused by chemicals. Currently 40% of our population will get cancer and 20% will get a serious autoimmune disease in their lifetime.

Disease and disability are expensive in terms of human suffering, quality of life, productivity, creativity, the direct “health” care costs of trying to cure disease after it occurs, and the supporting of those disabled by disease. As medical technology finds more and more sophisticated ways to “cure”, the costs just go up and up. So what should we do - where should we start? The logical approach is to eliminate the primary causes of avoidable disease and disability in the first place. The way to cut suffering and disability and health care costs is to prevent harm. Prevent harm by eliminating public exposure to chemicals and to other environmental factors that are not biocompatible. We need a Biocompatibility Czar who bases priorities and decisions on real science. Science and decision making should be brought together. For example, science has known the dangers of formaldehyde for 50 years, and yet people have been poisoned by it the whole time. Corporations are responsible for harm, and by doing nothing the government is also responsible for this harm. Stop the harm. Then universal health care will be more affordable.

A human biocompatibility study is an examination for match or mismatch with human biology. It is different from and not always included in environmental assessments. In our urgency to develop and employ new technologies to solve the global warming problem, we should make certain that the new technologies are biocompatible. We have to be careful to look at the whole picture - we don’t want solutions that create new problems - technology without biocompatibility can cause disaster.